Want More People Staring Your Garden Down? Here's How!

Recently I've been thinking of ways to add more appeal to my garden which is located on the corner of two intersecting streets.  I love the location because everyone entering or leaving the neighborhood gets to have an eye catching experience to remember and appreciate.  I experimented over the years with different color plants, varying heights, and thickness.  Five years later I believe I have the perfect spectacle of a garden.  But a gardeners work is never finished, there will always be a temptation to change or add qualities to enhance the look of your garden.  Seeing how my home is located on a busy street, I decided to go get inspiration from a place known for its lavish street gardens, New Orleans LA. 
From the French Quarter to the southern border of the widely known Lake Pontchartrain, lay a distinct manner of greenery.  My initial impression while walking the streets is well manicured lawns, black wrought iron fencing, lush evergreens, and oddly a lack of mulching of any kind.  The most lasting of impressions I received was the local trend of hanging gardens lining the balconies, walkways, gates, and porches along the way.  I could not take my eyes away from these artistic focal points and the way their gardens seamlessly tie in with one another.  Aside from French influence in the area, one reason for this might be that their homes, like mine, lie on busy streets and land is limited in their yards. If you can't plant anymore on the ground, why not plant upwards.  So I knew I had to replicate this everywhere in my garden.  Of course you can use which ever plant variety you desire for your hanging garden, but I prefer to use ferns since they are so green blending in nicely with my home.  For planting you can use window planters, hanging baskets, etc.  Try and find plants that are trailing or creeping and fit your garden layout. You can visit LaTraysPosting.com for most materials necessary to accomplish this mission.  Once you have your location and plant type, decorate how you see fit. Last step in the process is to kick back, and enjoy seeing your garden become the center of attraction.


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